Incubator Program

Our Incubator Program consists of 5-sessions (running fortnightly) in our space. This timeframe allows individuals the opportunity to understand the core business topics and progress through the program in an efficient manner.

The program will target individuals who have an idea or are in early stage of business that they wish to progress. By the end of the Program you will have developed a clear one-page Business Plan.

Facilitators of our Incubator Program are all experts in their fields with a wealth of experience in the start-up scene.

Session 1 - Mindset

Collaborative discussion on why a growth mindset is critical when endeavouring to take on the Entrepreneurial journey and how can we work towards developing a growth mindset.

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Session 2 - Introduction to the Business

The Business model canvas is a tool to document the essential business fundamentals that need to be covered when establishing and running your business. It is a tool that clarifies the value proposition and the foundations of your business.

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Session 3 - Prototyping and customer validation

In an ever changing world there are many prototyping tools that can be used in receiving valuable customer feedback we will discuss the prototype that would best suit your business structure.

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Session 4 - Finance/Funding for my business

Collaborative discussion on finance and funding options that are available subject to your business.

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Session 5 - Branding and Marketing

Working with the business model canvas and discussing channels and your brand.

*All participants will develop a Business Pitch throughout the Incubator sessions
Price $245.00 for the total cost of the Incubator Program

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