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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I enquiry about availability? 

You can enquire with us at hello@theconsortiumlounge.com.au or use the contact page to get in touch with us. 

How do I become a member? 

That is a great question, to know if we have availability you can contact us via hello@theconsortiumlounge.com.au however if you have already been in touch with us, and you have received confirmation on availability you can go to the Memberships tab and click on your preferred Membership option and complete the payment. We will then receive your details and get in touch with you to complete your induction process as a new member with us at the space. 

Do I have to be a member to drop in on a day to day basis? 

Yes, you have to be a member with us at The Consortium Lounge, as it is one of our Memberships. Please check out our Membership Options in the Membership tab. 

Can I cancel my membership without penalty? 

Depending on your Membership type, you can cancel the Membership with 30 days’ notice, however if you have a lock in contract with us you will have to continue paying your Membership fee until the end of the contract, if you choose to discontinue your Membership with us. 

If I’m not a member, how much are the events to attend? 

This depends on the event, more details are always available at: web link (Eventbrite or Our Site Event page) 

How do you register your interest for the Incubator Program? 

You can go onto the Incubator tab on the website and go to ‘Apply Now’ and fill out the form. Once completed, it will say to send it to hello@theconsortiumlounge.com.au alternatively you can email us directly using the same email to express your interest. 

Can I share my membership with someone else? 

No, sorry, you cannot share your Membership with someone else unless that person is directly employed by you or part of your business. 

Which is the most cost-effective option for me to join The Consortium Lounge?

At the Consortium Lounge, we offer the ‘Consortium Connect Package’ that allows you to come in four days a month, with access to speaker events, networking and more, providing you with the most cost effective Membership to get involved in our Community. 

Can I access the Wollongong and Nowra Spaces with the same Membership? 

Yes, you absolutely can. We are excited to be opening our Nowra space in early 2021, which will allow our members to use both spaces under the same Membership. 

Where is the Consortium Lounge located in Wollongong? 

We are located at Suite 7, 104 Crown Street Wollongong 2500. We are located in lower Crown Street in the NAB building, up the stairs and to the left. 

How does the payment work? 

Once you have selected your desired Membership type - under the Memberships tab on the website, you will place your contact and Credit Card details in the appointed areas and click on the Terms and Conditions box (you can read the Terms and Conditions on the footer on the website) all of our Memberships are direct debited monthly 

Is Daily Drop In a Direct Debit payment method? 

No it isn't Direct Debited, instead you will need to go into that Membership option every time you wish to drop into the space and create the payment the same way every time. This is because you choose how many times you come into the space versus a set amount of days allocated to your Membership. 

Level 5/111-113 Crown St, Wollongong 2500
0423 809 680 hello@theconsortiumlounge.com.au

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