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Working from home - Is it not working for you? 
The Benefits of Co Working 
By Catherine McMillian - Community Manager - Nowra 

With COVID-19 forcing so many of us to work from home, the transition has been challenging for many. Some companies have decided to permanently close offices and continue with having their teams work from home. But this isn’t for everyone! 

For many of us, the isolation and loneliness of working from home has strong adverse effects on both mental and physical health. We are tribal, community-orientated, social beings and our work environment must reflect that for us to have optimal wellbeing. 

The greatest positive feedback we, at The Consortium Lounge, receive from our Members is that they enjoy working in the clean, tidy, quiet work environment, yes! But they love the community of like-minded freelancers, business people and entrepreneurs that work in the space. As well as our support staff offering encouragement, reassurance and guidance. 

Being in a co-working space also involves regular educational networking events that offers not only inspirational ideas and concepts but allows our members to build lasting personal and business relationships. Cross-referring and relying on each other in a business capacity is  prevalent and often necessary as businesses grow. 

Co-working is a very cost-effective way to work. If you were to rent an entire office floor, pay all the utilities, reception staff and so on; the many associate bills can add up! Simply renting a desk or office for the days you need it is definitely cost-effective. This also offers you great flexibility and liberation from the demands of committing to long leases and burdensome overheads.

Working collaboratively has been proven to boost creativity and help to breakthrough barriers or stumbling blocks. Expressing your ‘stuckness’ or airing a problem with a co-worker often leads to shifts and radical new insights to help you come up with innovative and inspired changes. 

Another interesting fact about co-working is that the people who tend to utilise these spaces are “go-getters” who are pursuing their passions, visions and dreams for making a positive impact in the world. They help to form a culture within the co-working space of encouragement and valuing each other's unique skills, gifts and offerings in the business world. There is a distinct lack of direct competition and instead a camaraderie of mutual encouragement and admiration. 

If you are interested in joining our co-working space in Wollongong or in Nowra to experience for yourself the many benefits, please reach out and contact us. 0423809680

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