About Us
The Consortium Lounge is unlike anything else. It is a space and a community.

A place to be empowered, to connect, to learn and to grow as an individual and as a business. The Consortium Lounge takes the traditional co-working and amps it up by adding innovative solutions and education through programs and workshops to help you to take your business to the next level with the help of an incredible community. The Consortium Lounge Community saying is “Among us, we have the answer”. 

Our Vision

To be more than a space, to be a connected community working together to learn and grow

Our Mission

To connect the brightest minds to work toward our common goal

So what is the Consortium Lounge?

The Consortium Lounge is a co-working space and a community of like minded business owners who are working towards a common goal of learning and growth as individuals and as businesses.

Who is The Consortium Lounge for?

The Consortium Lounge is for business owners and professionals that want to connect, learn and grow. You don’t have to utilise the coworking spaces, there is plenty more to The Consortium Lounge including:




-Collaboration opportunities

-Accountability groups

-Plus a range of services to help you and your business grow and thrive.

Social Impact

What is a social impact?

Social impact has become almost a buzz term, a popular ideal because life is about more than making money. We want to have a social impact because:

– it provides motivation

– inspires us to do more and be more and

– it creates a life purpose

This social impact is the basic foundation of our business, we strive to pay it forward and to give back.

We believe that as entrepreneurs and business innovators we can change the world. We can assist those not only in our local community but on a global level.

For The Consortium Lounge this means we want to develop a supportive community of entrepreneurs. This community can make a difference not just here in the Illawarra and Shoalhaven but also globally.

Our local social impact

On a local level The Consortium Lounge is creating community of connected professionals. We focus on breaking down barriers and connecting people. Our programs, spaces and workshops welcome new people and help them to create their own impact.

We help people to move from home-based and start up businesses onto the next level of growth and prosperity. The Consortium Lounge community opens minds to the possibilities both locally and globally. We encourage members to think outside the box and to think about how they can solve both local and global problems.

Our global social impact

The Consortium Lounge has been funding a school in Cambodia to build our social impact. We have provided funding for a building as well as resources for the education of students aged 4-17 years old.

Our focus has been on innovation and providing an opportunity for entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship can help these young people give back to their families and community. We aim to help them to create their own self-sustaining businesses. Giving them choices and opportunities, which may normally be beyond their reach.

We want to be part of breaking the poverty cycle. Our mission is to use innovation and entrepreneurship as a way to empower people. We want to help them to set goals, reach them and bring out their true potential.

The future of our social impact

Our partnership and funding with this Cambodian school is just getting started. We have plans to build more classrooms and school buildings. We also want to provide more Cambodian students with the opportunity to be part of our young entrepreneur’s program providing the base education needed to start a business for the first time. The Cambodian program will include mentoring opportunities to provide guidance, and share experience with students who are just starting out on their business journey.

We would love you to join our community and be part of the impact we would like to have in the world.

Contact us today on 0423 809 680

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