Small Business Accountant extraordinaire Joanna from Brew Accounting explains three questions you need to answer to get your books under control fast.

Of course, you can have someone else do your bookkeeping, but we firmly believe that – at least until your business grows so successful you have no time for it – the benefits that flow from looking after your own books more than justify the effort of learning how!

To ensure the time you spend on your finances is truly beneficial to your business, consider these three questions. The answer should be a resounding “Yes!” so you drive your business profitability

Question 1: Have you streamlined your systems to boost productivity?

By automating how you work, you improve efficiencies and get more time back in your day. I have found Xero’s suite of products work seamlessly together, so you can effortlessly manage your business finances 😊

Question 2: Do you have a regular bookkeeping cycle?

So many entrepreneurs hate everything to do with accounting, invoicing and bills. One of the easiest ways to lessen your stress as a business owner is to get (and keep!) your books in order. A lot of people understandably procrastinate on that, partly because it feels like a big task, and partly because they’re not sure where to start. Xero’s accounting features make it easy to build bookkeeping into your routine. Come learn some tips you can follow to get your books in order fast—and then come back to on a regular basis to keep things running smoothly.

Question 3: What are your monthly numbers telling you?

Your numbers tell a story about the successes and opportunities that exist within your business. It is important to STOP regularly and read your number story 😊, at this session we will show you not just how easy it is to look after your own accounting in Xero, but also how having a good grasp of your numbers helps you understand and improve your business.

Come master your accounting and steer your business to success with Xero, the world’s most beautiful accounting software, designed for entrepreneurs.

Join us for Joanne’s March workshop “Get your Books Under Control Fast” Wednesday 11th March 6:30pm at The Consortium Lounge. Get your ticket now