Human Resources expert and owner of HR at Ease Yvonne Walker outlines three key considerations you need to keep in mind when dealing with COVID-19


As the leader of your business, your staff are looking to you for guidance and direction. Communicate with them – more than you think you need to. You won’t have all of the answers, because none of us do. But you need to tell them the answers that you do have, and reassure them that you are working on the rest.
With so much uncertainty, you need to be the person that your staff know they can trust to keep them informed, and to involve them in decisions that may impact on them.

Major Business Downturn – To Terminate or Stand Down

The Job Keeper payment has been a saving grace here for many employers. It makes standing employees down the preferred option (which ideally it was anyway, as you want your employees to come back when the upswing hits, and also, wherever possible… compassion). So, I’m sure there will be a lot less questions around this in the coming weeks for businesses that are solvent and can continue to pay staff until they are reimbursed by the government in May.
I’ll go into some more detail about the differences between stand down and termination (which would be redundancy) in Monday’s webinar.

Working from Home

There are a number of issues associated with working from home but the interesting thing is, many businesses are finding that it is do-able when they never thought it could be. Necessity is the mother of invention as they say!
The key thing is to have a policy that covers off on the following:

  • Work station and work area ergonomics
  •  A defined work area
  •  Security of your equipment eg IT equipment if staff are taking it home – also, does your insurance cover any loss or damage?
  •  Security of their IT equipment (from viruses etc) if they’re using their own
  •  Privacy of your data given that many people don’t live on their own
  •  What happens if there is a breach of privacy.

Yvonne is the owner and principal of HR with Ease, a local, Illawarra based HR services business. HR with Ease provides specialist advice and assistance with :

-Policy and procedure development

-Performance and conduct management

-Compliance and employer support

Yvonne has an impressive background with over 30 years experience and studies including law, psychology, Training and Assessment and adult education. She provides impressive foresight to her clients, highlighting potential risks and improving procedures to help her clients to grow and thrive.